Wellhead Protection Cage

Wellhead Protection Cage

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Shield has a full service lease program to fit almost every need.  If you want to protect your most valuable assets during the multiple stages of neighboring wells or construction.  We offer long term and short term leasing.  We have an in house crew to take care of the delivery, Rig up, Anchoring, and Rig down and return to our yards. We also offer long term lease options where Shield moves the wellhead protectors from pad to pad, following your rig.  Whether its new exploration or workover rig work.

Shield Wellhead Protection

Flowing wells while working on location. Stop loss of production.

Our Wellhead Cages, unlike others, are tested, and can be rated for your use.  Shield Wellhead cages offer quick access, no crane needed.  Bop panels for additional protection, Overhead access, Dual man door access, Ground spacing for running lines, Reduced critical lifing risk, Full service deployment, no need for additional employees or equipment, and Flexible lease programs.

Many companies are reducing days that wells are shut in and increasing the bottom line! Why loose production days, add Shield Wellhead cages to your list of assets today.  Contact us Today for a free consult.

Wellhead Cage

Shield Wellhead Protector, Patent Pending

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  1. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as face shield, leather welder’s vest, and gauntlet gloves. Use cotton or denim clothing.

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