Fully Secured Cages and Security Fencing available. Reduce the footprint.

Long Term Protection, Is Shield your answer?

Shield WellHead Protection also supports final pad security and enclosures. Our services range from fencing to permanent accessible enclosures.  Protect producing wells now, do not wait until sabotage, natural disaster or vandalism strikes your energy company.  What most companies lose in profits in a few minutes, or days from a downed well, would have protected it and hundreds of other wells for years.


oil spill in residental area Shield wellhead protection

Oil spill in Neighbor hood. Prevention is the best answer.

Oil wells located in flood plains also pose a threat that is not easy to quantify.  Not only the loss of profits but the damage to a companies image, spill clean up costs, and overall damage to future possibilities of drilling.  All it takes is one small flood carrying debris into a flowing wellhead or storage tank that can then send huge amounts of oil into a much larger geographic foot print than would normally be expected.   Taking what would be a small oil spill to astronomical levels.  Prevention and being proactive is sometimes viewed and costly.  Shield looks at history , and future risks with its clients and helps provide a program that will minimize expenses over the long term.

Oil spill prevention in flood regions, shield wellhead protection

Oil spill in flood waters. Costly clean up and Image Damage.

As recent as 2013, in one quick flood more than 5,250 gallons of crude oil were spilled into a river in Colorado.

Shield can help with the reclaim process and permanent fencing of any pad. Protection of domestic water wellheads or wellheads in the energy industry.

With the permanent wellhead cover there is long term benefit to the environment by allowing a smaller foot print, and permanent pad site protection.   Also Shield wellhead protectors help prevent wellhead theft, wellhead vandalism, and wellhead sabotage.

Custom engineered site protection available for both wellheads, as well as, storage facilities.


“ It is the company that looks ahead and prevents losses that is the most secure in its future.” Says John McCarthy, Shield CEO.

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