Unprotected Wellheads allow for valve damage, tampering and unwanted reading.

In addition to Safety and Access, Shield WellHead Protection understands the challenges energy producers face in regards to oilfield information theft and sabotage. Shields Patent Pending WellHead protection design features ease of use and the preventative measure of keeping illegal gauge reading and guage tampering under control.

“The dollar amount lost to competing producers, and wellhead vandalism is undefinable at this time, however it is simple to say, it’s out of control. A company’s safety, intellectual property, production information, and property leasing plans are an energy producer’s future, with our Patent Pending WellHead Protection Cages we help secure that!”.

Says John McCarthy, Shield CEO

Keeping our WellHead Protection barriers and cages built to be inaccessible without proper access information, is key. We also provide Black Out WellHead Protection option. Our interior black screen option provides the optimal information security when new technology, equipment or procedure  is being developed.   Shield also offers long term permanent Gauge Lock Boxes and information security options. Removable valve boxes prevent tampering with producing wellheads.  Domestic water wells as well as Oil and Gas.

We are committed to developing and maintaining a solid and reliable partnership with you, maximizing effectiveness with industry-leading wellhead protection solutions, service, and support to help you enhance your wells. Our job is to make your operations profitability and safety the best it can be both in the short and long term solutions. Do not go another day unprotected. Contact us now for more information.

*Internal Led service lights and remote solar powered lights available.*

Led Lighting Available for all types of equipment and work light options.