At Shield WellHead Protection, we work with our customers to maximize their effectiveness with industry leading oilfield safety solutions, service, and support to help enhance their business. Let us introduce you to our Safety Device.

“ It is the company that looks ahead and prevents losses that is the most secure in its future.” Says John McCarthy, Shield CEO.

Wellhead Protection

Shield Patent Pending Designed WellHead Protector

  Shield WellHead Protection sees its job as helping make the oilfield operations of our customers safer and more  profitable. Shield WellHead does this by reducing the risk of accident and injury, at a time when safety, and  precautions prove to be as profitable as the operations themselves. Shield WellHead Protections cutting edge patent pending technology and hard won experience, help you produce domestic energy while protecting employees,  equipment and the bottom line.

 Shields approach provides the highest quality wellhead protection while facilitating easy access for completion,  producing, and servicing.  At a time when multiple production stages occur on the pad simultaneously (SIMOP), Shield WellHead Covers are a must for every energy producer. We provide a solution that allows production to begin sooner or to be done safer while drilling on the same pad.  Shields  patent pending cages also act as a Safety Barrier to low speed impacts, internal impacts, overhead  impacts, reducing critical lift, and permanent long term solutions when the completion stage is finalized.  The damaging of a single valve can start a chain of events costing energy producers hundreds of thousands in profits, delays in completion, and risk of injury that may have all been prevented by a wellhead safety cage.   Every additional day a Shield Wellhead protector allows production on a well that would have been lost, is and increase to an energy companies bottom line.

Shield also offers a line of fire and heat barrier panels.  These panels can be erected in a stand alone formation or attached to a WellHead cover.  When drilling on a pad that may have as many as 8 production wells, it is essential to Shield those from heat and fire in the case of a blow out.  Shields heat panels provide extra safety and time to respond while protecting producing wells.

Find out why Shield is the choice for many major energy companies, contact us today as start operating safer, producing faster, and reducing well down time.  

 At a cost comparable to a light tower rental, the question is : Why not choose a safer option for operations.

Unprotected Wellhead

 An unprotected wellhead is an accident waiting to happen.  Do not let it happen to you, put your Shield up.