Q: Does the unit require a crane and operator to set up?

A: No It can be delivered and set up from a trailer with only minimal equipment.  However can also be moved via crane.


Q: Is a crane required to lift the wellhead protector off for service access?

A: No, our patent pending design allows the unit halves to roll apart for access requiring no crane or lift to work on the enclosed wellhead.


Q: How difficult is it to access the unit for service to the wellhead?

A: Two full sized man doors are available on our large unit.  One door on either side of the wellhead protector is available for worker access, as well our unit splits and rolls apart on low profile rail system allowing for full service, testing, repair and large equipment access.


Q: Does the unit prevent unwanted access by humans?

A: Yes, our patent pending design is low profile and does not allow for access under the base of the units.


Q: Can the unit be moved easily when the need for it is over.

A: Once your pad is secure and there are no more damage threats to the wellhead, the unit can easily be moved to a new pad or relocated on the same pad.


Q: Does the unit come in different sizes?

A:Yes our large standard size has roof height of 14 ft, and 18 ft square base area.  We also offer mid and small sized split cages.


Q: What is the most common application?

A:When drilling on a pad that currently has producing wells, as well as, throughout the process of completions and production after drilling on a new pad.


Q:Does Shield have short term and long term leasing options?

A: Yes, as well we have fleet discount rates available.




Feel Free to contact us with your specific questions.